concepts Twino - Interchangeability fast

Twino is an unlicensed leisure set. Eco-designed, sustainable, user friendly and accessible to all, Twino is the leisure boat to be shared with relatives or friends.

You choose the propulsion you want, from the most peaceful and safe and accessible, to the most exciting or sports’ ones ... This concept suits your leisure ... adaptability, scalability, adapted to your daily mood.

You choose the desired propulsion for 1 till- 4 participants (according to propulsion mode), with or without wind, for all ages, simply for fun, leisure activities for ALL.

In France, Twino Meridian and Twino Rower are considered either as beach vehicles, in the band of 300 m, with engines of less than 4CV (propeller with protection) and speed below 5 knots, and as daytime navigation vehicle from 300m up to 2 miles of a shelter, particularly in Twino Latin and Twino Kite Versions. See more precisely local regulations.